Almost Endoscopy for Eosinophilic Esophagitis

woodstock's combination pizzaWell kiddos, with four days to go, I want to apologize for not posting more about the progression of my food challenge. Many times I have had too much fun with it and felt guilty about it and my occasional lack of reactions that I felt like describing all the “forbidden” foods I was eating would just be rubbing it in everyone’s face.

It HAS been fun. And maybe I have found out that I can even keep some of these foods in my diet after all. That would be great! I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to not worry about bringing my own food everywhere because I know I will be able to find something wherever I go, or not worry about people’s kitchens being possibly contaminated; not worrying about breadcrumbs in other people’s butter is pretty cool. And also not taking ten minutes to order at a restaurant is nice, too.

I have barely looked at a label, and rarely looked at what comes with a meal. I haven’t had this freedom in close to 15 years.

There have been some downsides. First and foremost: I have gained about 20 pounds. I started eating gluten-free oats and drinking orange juice on occasion May 1, 2012, and started eating everything else just over two weeks later, and during that time, I have tipped the scales (one time literally!) at increasing amounts. My clothes barely fit. Most of the weight is in my belly area and some in my thighs, so I’m thinking (hoping!) it’s mostly bloating and water from the increase in carbs.

I also caught my first major cold in 2 years on my birthday (June 5) and it hasn’t cleared my system yet. I feel borderline like I have a sinus infection which is something I haven’t had since before I went gluten-free 8 years ago. Not fun in the summertime, especially as it hit the low 100s this last weekend.

I have also had enough daily heartburn/acid reflux to need to take Pepsid almost every day, had a couple of headaches/migraines a week, felt foggy a good portion of the time, and generally full of some kind of malaise the rest of it.

The food I seem to have the most obvious reaction to is spicy peppers. I have had Thai and a couple of Mexican meals with some spicy chilies, and each time I have felt groggy and generally uncomfortable the next day. However, eating pizza with tomato sauce, french fries and ketchup, and barbeque sauce have not given me problems beyond maybe a bit of mild upset stomach which has been cured by Pepsid.

Weirdly, I haven’t had any real obvious problems with gluten, except maybe bloating. The worst symptoms of eating forbidden grains came early on with eating gluten-free oat, and those consisted of abdominal pain and feeling like I’d been kicked in the gut. That seems to have gone away.

I have also been a little more emotional the last few days, finding myself tearing up when I watch tv shows, especially when I am by myself. This could be food-related, or it could be the result of a recent loss of a family member. Hard to tell on that one.

Today I had my blood tests done for gluten-sensitivity and will be taking a stool test (3 different samples required! 3! Yipes!) over the next couple of days. Then Thursday, the endoscopy for eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE). I think I will probably continue the diet until I am told not to, or until the results come in. Maybe decrease the amount of carbohydrates though and increase the vegetables as this belly has got to go!

Anyway, this is me checking in, and I hope you are all doing well. Take care 🙂

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