Building A Gluten-Free Tractor Sugar Cookie

frosted tractor cookie gluten free fisher price man
My uncle loves tractors. He also loves cookies. So much, in fact, that we called him Cookie Monster as we were growing up. So much that he actually bought me a Sunbeam Mixmaster when I got married, with the intent that the first batch of cookies I made were for him. This was right before I found out I couldn’t have gluten.

After I went gluten-free, I had a hard time finding a cookie recipe that resembled a typical cookie, so I went a few years without making him any. Then, a couple of years ago, I made gluten-free sugar cookies that were fairly convincing. For a special treat, I decided to construct a gluten-free sugar cookie, decorated to look like a Caterpillar D-9, a tractor he once got the opportunity to operate (isn’t that every guy’s dream?).

I created this cookie using my Gluten-Free Iced Sugar Cookie Recipe which is also corn- and nightshade-free, as well as low-acid/IC-friendly.

Step One, sketching out the cookie:


Step Two, rolling out the dough:

gluten free cookie dough rolling pin

Step Three, use pattern to cut out dough:

tractor pattern cookie dough rolled out gluten free

Step Four, ready to bake:

cut out tractor sugar cookie gluten free

Step Five, post-baking, ready for frosting:

baked gluten free sugar cookie tractor

Step Six, frost with yellow frosting:

yellow frosted gluten free sugar cookie tractor

Step Seven, add the frosting details:

gluten free sugar cookie tractor details frosting

Step Eight, add Fisher Price man for scale 🙂

frosted tractor cookie gluten free fisher price man

By the way, my uncle loved it!

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