Can cereal be considered a soup? Is pumpkin really a vegetable?

I saw this video (see below) on the YouTubes today and thought it made some pretty good points. What is it about cereal that would separate it from being considered, categorically, a soup or even a salad?

Many foods keep names or categories even if they aren’t technically a part of that group. Consider the tomato. People tend to consider tomatoes to be vegetables as they have a savory nature and is used in cooking entrees and other dishes that don’t tend to be meant as confections or desserts (unless – you’re talking about Tomate du Saltambique, à la The West Wing).

However, scientifically and botanically, a tomato is actually a fruit, as it contains the seeds of the plant, much like apples, berries, and melons. In fact, other savory types of plant-based food are also considered fruit, such as pumpkin, peppers, and olives. The scientific definition of a vegetable includes the parts of the plant that don’t contain the seeds but are cut or removed from the rest of the plant, such as root vegetables like beets and carrots, leafy plants like lettuce, and celery.


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