Do we know how to eat? Here’s’s – 2014: Our year in trendy diets

weighing on scale weight lossThis past year is no different from any other when it comes to trendy diets. While the diet business keeps growing, unfortunately, the science doesn’t seem to be more than collecting anecdotes and stringing them together in order to keep people hooked to one way of eating or another.

If you are following a special diet for health reasons, do you feel undermined by all the press against your dietary needs, such as gluten-free or the scientifically-developed DASH diet? Or, do you find all the information about various diets in the press useful for educating others and making foods friendly for you to eat more available?

By the way – is it a pet peeve for anyone else when articles state that people with celiac disease are “allergic” to gluten? runs down the top trendy diets of 2014. Enjoy!

2014: Our year in trendy diets –

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