Eggs is Enough – a pseudoallergy

vintage birds custard advertisement
Since this last summer’s food challenge, I have been able to reincorporate a few foods but have discovered that I likely have an aversion to eggs. Since eggs seem to trigger symptoms of eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) in me, the reaction I’m having is likely an allergy.

But I am intrigued by a bit I read on Wikipedia about eggs and allergy, stating that some people have pseudoallergy to eggs. Since they are histamine-containing foods, they can trigger an allergy-like reaction in sensitive people without actually firing up the IgE allergy immune reaction. As a result, some people who are sensitive to eggs can still eat them in baked goods as they are distributed enough that they don’t trigger the reaction.

I also read that many EoE triggers are from IgG or so-called “slow allergies” which makes it harder for people to determine the trigger. I’m not sure why this would necessarily be the case, but eosinophils are the result of an immune reaction and once triggered in tissue (as opposed to flowing in the blood) they are “active” for some 8-12 days. This could explain why food reactions in some people last a couple of weeks.

I am still trying to learn more about this disease and how it is related to other conditions. I recently joined APFED’s online community so I could learn more from other people with eosinophilic disorders. Hoping to meet more people with practical experience with this condition that I have likely had for my entire adult life.

Interesting detail I learned from the Wikipedia page: Bird’s Custard was invented by Alfred Bird, as his wife, Elizabeth, was allergic to eggs. As my family name is Bird, we’ve always joked about this treat. Maybe it’s a “Bird” thing!


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