Recipe: Gluten-Free Stromboli w/FauxMato Sauce

I got brave and attempted a stromboli-like piece of food for dinner last night. This is a double challenge because I made it both gluten and nightshade free, so no wheat, no tomatoes, no peppers.

I used my version of the pizza crust recipe from Living Without Magazine and rolled it out on top of a sheet of parchment, liberally floured with sweet rice flour. Then I built the stromboli by layering my FauxMato sauce (recipe to come!!!), mozzarella cheese, salami, sauteed onions and garlic, more cheese, then rolled it up in the parchment to keep its form (fillings are up to you–I overstuffed mine and had a “blowout” in the oven). I baked it for 10 minutes at 425F rolled up, then cut open the paper and misted with olive oil and finished it off for 15 minutes before pulling it out to serve. It was amazing!

Step 1: Roll out dough.

gluten free stromboli pizza dough rolled out

Step 2: Once rolled out, get ready to add the FauxMato sauce.

gluten free stromboli dough fauxmato sauce

Step 3: First layer of mozz on top of the FauxMato sauce.

gluten free stromboli pizza dough mozzarella

Step 4: Layer on the salami. Be generous.

gluten free stromboli salami fauxmato

Step 5: Now’s the time for the sauteed onions and garlic.

gluten free stromboli salami onions fauxmato

Step 6: More mozz is a must!

gluten free stromboli mozzarella onion garlic salami fauxmato

Step 7: Start rolling the ends – careful, the dough is very delicate!

folding gluten free stromboli mozzarella fauxmato salami

Step 8: Roll it all up in the parchment like a burrito, to bake in the oven. Wrap it tight and even give it a little squeeze to form it well.

rolled gluten free stromboli

Step 9: After 10 mins, pull out and cut open the top, mist with olive oil, and put it back in the oven for 15 more minutes.

baked gluten free stromboli

Step 10: Take out of the oven, unwrap, and cut up to serve! May not be gorgeous, but it is DELICIOUS!!!

baked gluten free stromboli served


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