My Favorite Gluten-Free Birthday Cake

gluten free cake toffee frosting walnuts blue plate flowers
I’m celebrating my birthday a little early this year (it’s on Saturday) so today I got to work on one of my favorite traditions: making myself a cake. It’s fun for me because I enjoy baking and I like the challenge of making something delicious that still meets all my restricted dietary requirements.

The biggest hurdle to making a cake for me is it must be gluten-free (GF). Additionally, it has to be potato and corn starch free. Fortunately, Namaste Foods makes all sorts of baked goods mixes free of wheat, gluten, corn, soy, potato, dairy, casein or nuts. And their products are very delicious. (I *believe* the GF pancake and waffle mix and the GF brownie mix at Trader Joe’s are also secretly Namaste mixes.)

This year I used Namaste’s Vanilla Cake mix and topped it with their Toffee Vanilla Frosting mix. Very easy to assemble, even for the occasional cook who doesn’t know anything about baking for someone with a restricted diet, and it tastes just as wonderful as any custom-ordered cake found in a bakery. I’m not kidding.

If you love the taste of good brown sugar, you have to try this toffee vanilla frosting. Even if you don’t have food intolerances. It’s just that good, tasting like the filling of a Bordeaux cream candy, or the now defunct Brown Sugar Five Haagen Dazs ice cream. The toffee flavor adds to a rich delicious frosting, somehow scratching both the coffee and chocolate itches at the same time. Which is good if you have to avoid those two delicacies as a result of the interstitial cystitis (IC) diet or because it aggravates your IBS.

Since I love nuts, I toasted some up to add on top. I can’t wait to cut into it later tonight!


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