“Natural Food Works” Gluten Free Bakery in Davis, CA

natural food works sandwich bread gluten free davis

I wanted to make a quick post about something wonderful I found at Whole Foods in the Sacramento area this last weekend. There was a new selection of gluten-free baked goods by Natural Food Works, a gluten-free bakery in Davis, CA, that I had not seen before. And while many of their items, which included hard-to-find delicacies such as raviolis and baguettes, contained potato starch (something I cannot have), their bagels were completely free of offending ingredients. So I picked up a bag to try out.

A review of the bagel: definitely tastes like a hearty multi-grain bagel, to the point I was concerned several times I was actually eating something with gluten. The bagel held together well and had some chewiness, not so much New York style, but more like a breadier cousin, similar to the long-gone Oy Vey Bagels from Chico, CA. While they do contain some egg, they had none of the egg smell that puts me off in other bread products. I liked them so much, I went back for three more packages as I live out of the area.
natural food works gluten free bagel davisWhile they are not listed on their product page, if you are interested, I would send them an email to find out if you can order a pack of four; they cost more than a typical bagel, but make for a delicious treat, especially if you’ve not had a bagel because you’ve been following a gluten-free diet for any length of time.


On 8/17/2010 I drove to the Natural Food Works bakery in Davis and not only saw their full spread of baked goods, but met with David (Jr?) who is the son of the owners and the full-time baker. He told me about more of the baked goods they  make and I walked out of there with crusty rosemary baguettes, sliced sandwich bread, blueberry muffins, cinnamon loaf, chicken pot pies, and of course, more bagels.

The baguettes and sliced bread, as well as some other items listed on their site for purchase, are baked fresh daily. If you follow a gluten-free diet, you’ll understand that it was nothing short of ecstasy for me to walk into a bakery and see fresh baked baguettes and rolls, sliced breads, and other treats just lying there waiting for me to buy and eat them.

gluten free chicken pot pie natural food works davis
You’ll have to be in the area if you want to pick up some of their neater treats, such as the delectable chicken pot pie, which comes in its own ceramic crock and doesn’t contain potatoes (important if you are nightshade-intolerant). However I highly recommend it, if you can make the trip, and hope my photo here moves you to enjoy (not my best, but I couldn’t sit still long enough to take a good one – it was so flaky and delicious!)

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