Update – I’m still here!

Just wanted to post an update to let people know I’m still here, I’ve just been more present on my Gut Thinking Facebook page, as well as working on my school projects and research in nutrition.

gluten free pretzel dough

Currently, in my food science class, my group is working on perfecting a gluten-free pretzel recipe and so far they taste very much like fresh, soft pretzels. They look a little funky, so we’re working on the texture. This is just an example of the density changes between two types of flour combinations. They taste really good, but we want to tighten them up a little bit before we really start showing them off.

Also, I’m helping with two research projects, one including gathering data on elementary school student plate-waste at lunchtime, and the other is to find out how allergists work with patients who come in to find out if they have food allergies or intolerances. I’m really excited to be learning about their protocols and how they deal with patients!

Anyway, I would love to hear what people have been up to. And I’ll start posting more as my baking season gets rolling! 🙂

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