Why do doctors think an apple a day is bad for us?

woman with apple on her head on apples and adiposity tutus and tiny hatsIn a world where correlation seems to equal causation, medical professionals like promoting the idea of abdominal fat distribution having something to do with overall health and risk for heart disease. And while it may seem fairly specific, doesn’t it seem weird that this is a one-size-fits-all answer to cardiac health?

Why are all women considered to be in a good range if their waist size is under 35″ while the measurement for men is 40″? Is this as true for a woman who is five feet tall as it is for a woman who is six feet tall? Doesn’t seem like a fair comparison, apple to apple, does it?

As part of my work as a health coach, I am required to review people’s measured waist circumference. Most participants comment before I get to it, saying “I know, it’s bad,” or “I know, I’m fat,” and that stuff just breaks my heart.

When I actually go over their waist circumference, I let them know, if they ask, health can be found in many sizes, and fitness is more important than body shape. If they ask me for more information, I recommend they look into the Health At Every Size® (HAES®) movement to find support and answers for their concerns.

What do you think – does it really matter, from a scientific point of view, if we are “apples” or “pears”?

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